The Nordic Pantry: Scandinavian Pesto

Use this Scandinavian take on pesto sauce wherever you might use traditional basil pesto.

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A well-made pesto is a thing of beauty: fresh, green, and nutty, this no-cook sauce has it all, and goes with just about everything. Slather thick pesto on good bread, toss a thinner version with pasta, use it as a crudité dip or a grill sauce for chicken or salmon.  Just because pesto is technically a no-cook sauce doesn't mean you're off the hook entirely. For a truly dynamo pesto with tons of flavor, you must (must!) roast the nuts before using them in a pesto. 

Cold-pressed rapeseed oil is the equivalent of olive oil in Scandinavia. In fact, research has shown that cold-pressed rapeseed oil has the same nutrient benefits as olive oil. Cold pressing the seeds maintains their natural nutrients, while also leaving the flavor unaltered. While cold-pressed rapeseed oil might not have olive oil’s specific taste, it is still  works just great in this Scandinavian Pesto.

I hope you try this recipe and please let me know how it works for you!!

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