Potatiskorv (more commonly known as värmlandskorv in Sweden) is a regional Swedish sausage from Värmland, made with ground pork, beef, onions and potatoes. Potatiskorv is traditionally served hot at Christmas in Värmland but often served hot or cold throughout the year. "Potatiskorv" is what this sausage is called in parts of Värmland.
In most parts of Sweden, the word "potatiskorv" is unknown, while "värmlandskorv" is well known and sold commercially around Christmas throughout the country, for the benefit of people from Värmland. In the United States, "potatiskorv" (usually written "potatis korv") is the name that has stuck among people with Swedish roots.
There is also a local sausage in parts of Småland known as "potatiskorv", mentioned in the Emil children's books by Astrid Lindgren. However, that sausage contains no beef, only potatoes and pork.

My sister Rhonda and I had a full day of celebrating our Scandinavian heritage recently! After attending the Norwegian Lefse Class in the morning, we proceeded to make Swedish Potato Sausage in the afternoon and plan on serving it as one of our main dishes for Christmas Eve which is a traditional custom in Sweden.

The recipe we used ended up being a lot more than we anticipated, so we only used half of the recipe for the sausage and decided to freeze the other and then will add some additional ingredients for a variation of Swedish Meatballs. This will be a cooking project for another day. Rhonda could not stop laughing as I stuffed the sausage. We had some for supper on Saturday night and all agreed it was delicious!
Have any of you made Swedish Potato Sausage?

Here is a link to the recipe we used: https://www.food.com/recipe/swedish-potato-sausage-potatis-skorv-280669

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  • It is called korv. Not skorv. Skorv is cradle cap in babies.


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