Hygge Autumn Crafts: Recycled-Sweater Sham

Hygge Autumn Crafts: Recycled-Sweater Sham
Looking for some ways to create a cozy "hygge-feeling" this fall?

Then, think twice before you throw away an old sweater to make room for a new one!
To make this pillow, you'll need an 18-inch square pillow insert and a large sweater, cut into two 19-inch squares.
Sew the right sides of the sweater pieces together along the edges, leaving the bottom open. Turn right side out and insert the pillow form, then stitch the bottom closed.
For the flower, cover a two-inch circle of card stock with a piece of a thin sweater; hot-gluing to the circle's back.
Next, fold a 3" X 20" -inch strip of another sweater in half lengthwise. Glue the edges together, then sew a running stitch down the strip lengthwise along the glued seam. Once you've stitched the entire length, pull the thread to gather the fabric into a floral shape.
Hot-glue the gathered edge floral shape to the the card stock sweater covered circle, then hot-glue a pin-back in the center and affix to the pillow by stiching or hot glue.

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Source: Country Living

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